Shantee House is a great option on the Buda side while there are also a number of party hostels like Retox or Grandio if that’s what you’re looking for. Budapest Lıszt Ferenc Aırport Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2 HUNGARY +36 1 700 4859 iVisa is a fantastic website that is super easy and quick to use. En moyenne, le coût de la vie à Budapest en 2018 est 0.9% moins cher qu'à Paris. All opinions are our own, based on our experience. You can skip the line by clicking this link and pre-purchasing your ticket. There are many ruin bars in the Jewish quarter. If you are planning a 5-day Budapest itinerary, this also allows for a day trip if you’re keen to explore more of Hungary beyond the capital. Deuxième étape, la promenade dans Óbuda vous fera découvrir lhistoire de la rive ouest du Danube et la réunion de Buda, Ó… Drinking water – The water in Budapest is drinkable, so there is no need to keep buying water bottles. How To Spend 4 Days In Budapest On A Budget. Check out this 2-day itinerary! On continue avec les incontournables pour visiter Budapest en 4 jours. Tickets can be bought from the ticket machine at the bus stop. Overland transport – Our go-to website for overland transport is Bookaway. With all the beautiful buildings, delicious foods, spa facilities, and a booming nightlife, Budapest makes for the ideal Europe trip. Thanks a lot, glad you found it useful. Paris-Budapest, 1h40 de vol ! Butterfly Home Danube, for instance, is a great mid-range option in a great location on the lively Pest side of the city. Click here to download your FREE ebook. If you’re planning on using the transport system a lot while in Budapest, it works out to be a better value for money to purchase a travel card rather than single-journey tickets. Echappée automnale avec une météo très, très, agréable. Of course, the parliament building lit up at night looks incredible. Our apartment was located directly on Saint Stephen’s Basilica Square. A single ticket costs about €1 and a 24-hour travel card costs about €5 and they are valid on all modes of transport within the city. Reasons You Have to Visit, 27 of the Best Vietnam Souvenirs that You Must Buy, Teaching English in Thailand as a Non-Native Speaker. Now that we’ve answered the question that Budapest is worth visiting, it’s time to discuss how you should spend your time there. What a great post! Echappée automnale avec une météo très, très, agréable. Costs breakdown for Budapest on a budget . *. … This is no surprise, as Hungary’s capital city is not only absolutely beautiful but is packed to the brim with historical landmarks, a fantastic arts scene, and an unrivalled nightlife. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Let’s start with getting around Budapest. due to having time off work due to oral surgery my budget is now £300 for the stay or roughly 25,000HUF per day. With all the beautiful buildings, delicious foods, spa facilities, and a booming nightlife, Budapest is the ideal place for a Europe trip. TYPE DE VOYAGE: Voyager avec des amis. Mais ça ne nous a pas vraiment impacté, car nous avions visité tout ce que nous voulions visiter à Bratislava et avions prévu une arrivée tardive à Budapest. J’ai adoré l’ambiance de cette auberge, cela me faisait penser aux vieux appartements parisiens, u… You can skip the line by clicking this link and pre-purchasing your ticket. The final day of this Budapest itinerary sees you exploring more of the Pest side of the city. Découvrez nos incontournables pour visiter Budapest la perle du Danube et capitale Hongroise en 4 jours. You can find the privacy policy here. Dédiez votre première matinée à la colline du Château pour le panorama et la compréhension du site naturel quon peut avoir du haut du Palais royal. On trouve des appartements à Budapest à partir de … Si vous partez à la découverte de Budapest pour 3 ou 4 jours il est préférable de s’organiser afin de voir un maximum de choses. Private rooms through the platform start at about €20 per night and it can be a great way to see the city through a different light. We recently received a fab stylish, and most importantly, a comfortable pair of sneakers from Baabuk. Travel tips ebook -Before you head off on your adventure, make sure to download our free ebook. While travellers could easily spend more than 4 days in Budapest, it also can be the perfect amount of time to get to know the city and even get a little bit off the beaten path. tend to almost always have the best rates and have a FREE cancellation policy for most properties. Furthermore, if you’re on a wider trip around Eastern Europe, you will want to save your dosh for other awesome activities. £14.99 – Ryanair flight to Budapest. Other suppliers in Budapest. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Concernant le budget, le coût de la vie est vraiment bas, on c’est donc fait naturellement plaisir. I would recommend taking a hike up there yourself. What are you waiting for? Are you planning on visiting Budapest on a budget? Votre avis trajet A/R Budapest-Autriche Posté le 05/10/2019; Budapest en couple en janvier - 4 jours - Que faire ? Plus de 100 sources sont exploitées, jaillissant à des températures comprises entre 21 et 76°C. Hungarian cuisine is also unique to that of other Central and Eastern European cuisines so it is very much worth sampling. Here’s how to spend 4 days in Budapest for FREE (well…almost)! So many tips for a full three free days in Budapest! Make sure to pass by the Great Synagogue; the second largest synagogue in the world, behind New York’s Emanu-El Temple. I think the parliament building is one of the most beautiful in the world, and strolling along the River Danube would be a must for me! In the evening, head back to Buda and watch the sunset over the most beautiful skyline in Europe from the rooftop pool at the Rudas Baths. Change your old currency before entering Budapest – If you have money left from your previous destination, that is not Great British Pounds, US Dollar or Euro, exchange it before you leave. Nous avons décidé d’y passer 4 jours … If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. The church dates to 1015 but still stands in excellent condition. Pick-up service policies (hours of availability, allowable pick-up distance, etc.) You will also find a range of benefits, such as skip the line passes, lunch included in your tours, and so much more. Budapest ; deux villes en une. So is Budapest expensive? Budapest est le terrain de jeu idéal pour un grand week-end : historique et culturelle, tout en étant jeune et dynamique, elle offre au visiteur curieux de belles balades le long de ses rives bordant le Danube, juste ce qu'il faut de monuments de belle facture, des thermes dans lesquels se relaxer, et de belles pâtisseries où satisfaire ses envies gourmandes. Ci-dessous une GoogleMap qui recense les différentes visites incontournables de Budapest. Thanks a lot, glad you liked them. However, it is still quite a large city so using the public transport system can be useful and affordable. Deux villes, trois même avec Obuda, qui n’en font plus qu’une depuis plus d’un siècle, et c’est BudaPest, la Perle du Danube, qui s’offre à nous l’espace de quelques jours. Coût de la ville à Budapest en 2018. USD U.S. dollar (USD) Euro (EUR) Pound sterling (GBP) Australian dollar (AUD) Canadian dollar (CAD) Brazilian real (BRL) Bulgarian lev (BGN) Chinese yuan (CNY) Czech koruna … You can skip the line by clicking this link and pre-purchasing your ticket. Underneath the Buda castle is a truly fascinating and under-visited museum known as the Hospital in the Rock. After you’ve explored Castle Hill, it’s time to walk across the Margaret Bridge and visit the large, wonderful park that is Margaret Island. BUDGET 4 JOURS A BUDAPEST. Our personal choice is SafetyWing, as you can opt for automatic monthly payments, just like a subscription. Elles permettent d'estimer les dépenses et le coût de la vie sur place pour préparer votre séjour, et … Another interesting place to visit on your fourth day in Budapest is Memento Park. Vaci Street is a popular street in Budapest. Budapest is built up a network of highly complex caves and during WWII, the caves beneath the castle were turned into an underground hospital. End your day on the Buda side while watching the sunset from the citadel, maybe with a beer or a bottle of wine. The 906 bus follows roughly the same route than trams 4 and 6 and can tour the clubs and bars. Prague vienne Budapest Budget 2 jours en République tchèque. DURÉE DU VOYAGE: Sera de 4 jours, bien que le premier jour nous arrivons à peine pour dormir. Nous partons avec mon amie juste avant Noël pour 4 jours à Budapest. 8 Great Reasons to Visit Cartagena, Spain, The Best Coat for London Winter (or Spring & Autumn! Make the trip into the Buda hills to take in panoramic views of the city from Normafa and the Elizabeth Lookout Tower; or stay in the centre and take a walk around Margaret Island or City Park for an escape to (relatively) natural surroundings. Heroes Square is a little out-of-the-way of the other attractions, but if you are going to the famous Szechenyi Baths then make sure not to miss it. Paris-Budapest… Budapest has an amazing laid-back feel to it that is hard to experience if you only have two or three days in the city. A great way to gain a general understanding of what life in the Hungarian capital was like during communism is to take a free Red Budapest tour. More importantly, it is available in 180 countries and can be purchased whilst already travelling. unusual things to do in the Hungarian capital, going for a sunset cruise along the Danube, Budapest is one of the most affordable cities, there is ample choice for affordable accommodation, an overwhelming number of highly-rated hostels, some of the cheapest alcohol prices in Europe. The cost of the bus is a set price of 900 HUF ($3). One way to do this is to teach English online. The routes on offer are extensive and certainly cover most of the backpacker trails. Is Mongolia Worth Visiting? The Budapest Card is a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card. My recommendation would be to head to the more local, less touristy bathhouses such as the Rudas Baths where entry prices start at €11. Let us know in the comments! We fully recommend Pal’s Hostel. In 2002 the most famous bar, Szimpla, was opened and has since become a big attraction. Whilst it is located on a hill, the walk is easy and enjoyable with views of the Danube River below. If you fail to validate your ticket, you could end up with a hefty fine; Now that is hardly a way to see Budapest on a budget is it? Voici quelques indications de prix pour calculer votre budget quotidien moyen pour voyager à Budapest. Furthermore, the staff at Pal’s Hostel are very friendly and will help you with anything you need. To see Budapest on a budget, we fully recommend walking. Getting Around Budapest. Visa – Before you travel to any country, make sure to check if you need a visa. Budapest is a massive city, and travellers can easily spend a number of weeks there and not get bored. This is one of the most popular bathhouses in Budapest and for good reason: the architecture is beautiful and the atmosphere is unbeatable. One of our favourite companies for this is Palfish, as the schedule is super flexible. If the weather allows, head outdoors. Untold Wanderlust contains affiliate links. Pal’s Hostel is not a typical style hostel, but a chain of apartments across the city. ! Going for a hike in Visegrád or visiting the charming city of Eger, both of which are within easy reach of the capital, are fantastic options. Comment visiter Budapest facilement? Shopping in Budapest. You won’t leave here feeling light-hearted, but the three floors of this excellently curated museum certainly put the horrors that Hungary saw before the fall of the Iron Curtain into perspective. Durant mon séjour en Hongrie où j’ai pu visiter Budapest en 3 jours, j’ai séjourné à Ginkgo Hostel à Budapest, une auberge absolument bien placée où j’ai adoré y dormir ! Get Your Guide takes the stress out of booking activities abroad. Entry to the park is around €5 for adults and €4 for students with a valid ID. No article about visiting Budapest would be complete without a mention of its famous nightlife and checking out some of the awesome ruin bars is one of the best things to do in Budapest. Visiter Budapest en 4 jours … *We were hosted complimentary by Pal’s hostel and gifted Baabuk shoes. You will find plenty of transport options from a range of companies. Bookaway works a little like Skyscanner but for overland transport. While I would honestly recommend spending about a week in Hungary’s capital, I think, if you are short on time, travellers should try to visit for at least four full days. Budapest offers a number of great parks and green areas to explore. Validate tickets – Last but not least, if you do decide to take public transport at any point in your journey, make sure to VALIDATE your ticket by putting it into the orange validating machines. It’s such a good city to just walk around in because you can stumble into so many amazing things. After a long day of exploring Budapest, it’s time to grab a well-earned drink! Tours & activities – If you want to book tours and activities online, make sure to check out Get Your Guide. Votre première journée de notre programme ‘visiter Budapest en 4 jours‘ se termine. If you have more time to spend in Budapest, there are a number of cool and unusual things to do in the Hungarian capital that didn’t make this four-day itinerary, including visiting city park, going for a sunset cruise along the Danube or, for the more adventurous set, caving tours underneath the city. Ajouté par Le planificateur de voyages. After the walking tour, take the time to visit the Great Synagogue and the Hungarian Jewish Museum. Vous avez en tête de passer des vacances à Budapest en Hongrie et voulez évaluer un budget du … Make cash on the road – If you’re on a long trip, you may want to start earning whilst on the road. and where you are going. This Budapest 4 day itinerary gives you one day in each the most important areas: Buda, the Jewish Quarter, the Park/Vorosmarty/St Stephens Basilica and one day on the Danube. If you’re leaving Europe from Budapest, then why not head to Kazakhstan. OK, day 2 of our 4 Day Budapest Itinerary and it’s set to be a busy day exploring the Buda side of the … Le quartier compte de nombreux musées, il faudra bien en choisir un Nous vous recommandons soit la Galerie nationale hongroise pour les beaux-arts, soit le musée dHistoire de Budapest pour appréhender le long et complexe passé de la ville. The nightlife truly does have something to offer everyone and you will see locals and tourists alike at many of the ruin bars. No matter the weather, whip off your kit and get into your swimwear, ready to ease your body at one of the thermal baths. With all the beautiful buildings, delicious foods, spa facilities, and a booming nightlife, Budapest makes for the ideal Europe trip. En moyenne, le coût de la vie à Budapest en 2018 est 0.9% moins cher qu'à Paris. As former budget-friendly European cities grow increasingly expensive (we’re looking at you, Prague), prices in Budapest, Hungary remains relatively inviting to the international travel crowd. It has a whopping 109 budget travel tips to help you make your hard-earned cash go further. Budapest est une grande et belle ville, riche culturellement avec beaucoup de choses à voir. The accommodation features a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service and free WiFi throughout the property. Budapest is well-known for its thermal baths. Loved the captures, Thanks a lot, we are glad you found it useful , Budapest was definitely one of my favorite cities to explore because there are so many free attractions. For instance, if you’re spending three days in Budapest, I would recommend purchasing a 72-hour travel card which costs about €13 for unlimited journeys during this time period. Between the pillars also stand important statues of historical figures. Save on car rentals when you plan your trip with Budget Car Rental. For instance, a kebab or falafel from a fast food restaurant will only cost around €2 – 3 for a sizable portion. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pick-up service policies (hours of availability, allowable pick-up … Budapest is a hot destination in Europe now, with many affordable flights serving the city and numerous glossy travel magazines highlighting the Hungarian capital. Plus de 100 sources sont exploitées, … Concernant le logement, je privilégierai plutôt la location d'un appartement que d'aller à l'hôtel. Dédiez votre première matinée à la colline du Château pour le panorama et la compréhension du site naturel quon peut avoir du haut du Palais royal. A river cruise is a great way to end the day, whilst allowing you the opportunity to see Budapest lit up at night time. It is worth noting that it is technically illegal to have an open container of alcohol in Budapest, however, the police are largely ambivalent to this law and locals and tourists alike often enjoy a cheeky beverage in public spaces. While it is one of the city’s main tourist attractions, it is still worth visiting this historic marketplace if only to discover more about the unique Hungarian cuisine and to stock up on an ample supply of paprika. Each of these occupations has left their mark upon this diverse city and has shaped everything from its culture to its architecture. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3c3d3feaadb0474e235a9563a6cd38b" );document.getElementById("bab3ebba7a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2020 The World Was Here First • All rights reserved. I am breaking down our costs here so you can use it as a gauge if you find yourself on a Budapest … Budapest … While it is incredibly possible to experience Budapest to it’s fullest without spending a cent on activities, sometimes it is nice to visit a museum or historical landmark and most do charge admission fees. Budapest Lıszt Ferenc Aırport Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2 HUNGARY +36 1 700 4859 Les sous-sols de la ville de Budapest regorgent de sources d’eau chaude bienfaisante. There is honestly an overwhelming number of highly-rated hostels to choose from, and most dorm beds start at about €10 per night. We recommend buying World Nomads however it’s important to read the policy details to ensure it’s right for you. Budget breakfast: If your hotel doesn't include breakfast then you've got many good options nearby. Costs breakdown for Budapest on a budget . Walking around the city is easy, and most of the sites in this itinerary can easily be seen on foot. Les sous-sols de la ville de Budapest regorgent de sources d’eau chaude bienfaisante. 35 = 10 000 Ft. =>1 = 284 Ft => 35 = 10 000 Ft Have less time but a bigger budget? Budapest is massive and we didn’t see the half of it but we are happy with what we saw without spending tons in museums ect. The museum offers guided tours and it is an incredibly interesting way to spend an hour or two. We had the pleasure of a balcony that we could sit out on and enjoy a cup of tea with the view of the Basilica each morning. Help. Thanks a lot Glad you found it useful. These, combined with the fact that it is incredibly easy to visit Budapest on a budget makes spending 4 days in Budapest an incredibly appealing option for those both looking for a short city break or as part of a longer Central European trip. If your budget allows for more than a hostel or Airbnb room, then you will be pleased to find out that there are also myriad affordable hotels available in Budapest that also happen to be quite well-located. One of the most popular activities in Budapest includes going to one of its many thermal bathhouses, and admission to these can range in price depending on where you go. Alamo Car Rental Budapest 9.4 /10 Thrifty Car Rental Budapest 9.35 /10 Koala Autorent Car Rental Budapest 9.2 /10 Europcar Car Rental Budapest 9.2 /10 Flizzr Car Rental Budapest 9.2 /10 GAME Rentacar Car Rental Budapest 9.1 /10 Schiller Rent A Car Car Rental Budapest 9.05 /10 Megadrive Car Rental Budapest 8.75 /10 Admittedly, this was us on our first trip to Budapest. Located right next to the Great Market Hall, you will find the popular Liberty Bridge, that separates the Buda and Pest side. It’s a great place to get a feel for local life in Hungary, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. This neighbourhood is also home to the majority of Budapest’s ruin bars including the original and most famous, Szimpla Kert. There are also a number of cafes and ice cream stands, so you won’t go hungry while here. Maybe next time we go we will not be on a tight budget and we can splash out on that too . However, the lively Pest side is quite concentrated and you can easily walk from one side to the other without returning home with blisters. To sum it up, this is how much you should expect to spend daily while visiting Budapest: Suffice it to say, you can enjoy Hungary’s capital to the fullest even if you’re travelling on a shoestring budget. Purchasing the Budapest Card is a no-brainer for thrifty thrill seekers. To use our free pick-up service, call your Budget rental location directly at the location phone number listed on your reservation confirmation. The Tree of Life is a commemoration for the people who risked their lives to protect the Jewish people in Budapest during World War 2. Concernant le logement, je privilégierai plutôt la location d'un appartement que d'aller à l'hôtel. to check if you need a visa. We hope you enjoyed this 4 days in Budapest itinerary on a budget. Budapest has an extensive public transport system that includes multiple metro, bus, and tram lines. Just make sure you are TEFL certified in order to apply! For example, most places offer significant discounts for students, youths (under 25’s), and seniors (over 65’s). *, So many cool things to do In the garden of the Great Synagogue, you will also see a very important memorial; the Tree of Life. The most popular baths are Szechenyi Spa and Gellert Spa. Both are great options, so research for yourself before you choose which one to go to. If you want me to close to all the action on the Pest side, then I recommend staying at Big Fish Hostel. going to budapest in november for four days and wondering if my budget is enough. This helps us to run this site and bring you more travel tips and itineraries. Les données du budget voyage à Budapest présentées ci-dessus sont à titre indicatif. This 4-star hotel offers a concierge service and luggage storage space. Budget voyage et coût de la vie à Budapest en Hongrie combien coûte un voyage à Budapest ?. On continue avec les incontournables pour visiter Budapest en 4 jours. You will be spoiled for choice! I love Budapest when I visited – it’s such a great city! While it is entirely possible to go out, get black-out hammered, and not remember how you got home when you visit Budapest (please don’t do this), it is equally easy to have a mellow beer and enjoy the atmosphere or some great music. Here is how I would recommend you spend 4 days in Budapest: One of the absolute best ways to begin any European city break is with a free walking tour, and in Budapest, it is no different. Budapest is one of the most affordable cities to visit in all of Europe. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. One thing that we love about visiting the Hungarian capital is how incredibly walkable the city is. This gives you enough time to see the main sites and museums without exhausting yourself. Deuxième étape, la promenade dans Óbuda vous fera découvrir lhistoire de la rive ouest du Danube et la réunion de Buda, Ó… Un premier regard sur le voyage à Budapest en 4 jours. When she’s not dreaming of far-away lands, Maggie enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, Harry Potter, and coaxing stray cats into her home.