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Sec Guidance On Plain English

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Although separate account laws may vary fromstate to state, they generally contain several key provisions.

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Ifyou are a brokerdealer that does not provide recommendations subject to Regulation Best Interest, to the extent you prepare more detailed information about your conflicts, you must include specific references to such information.

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The plainness of a passage is defined in terms of the audience for that passage.

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If you cannot adequately summarize the language from an exhibit, such as a trust indenture, in the prospectus then simply include that language in the prospectus.


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When the process of freeing a vehicle that has been stuck results in ruts or holes, the operator will fill the ruts or holes created by such activity before removing the vehicle from the immediate area.

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Its tone is welcoming and direct. These rules only require you to disclose information in words investors can understand and in a format that invites them to read the document. Gaap for guidance, though relative net asset. The SEC Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP.

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