Could you give me you price for a Family : 2 adults, 1 teenager (16 years), 1 child (10years) ? The trips offered by Bahamas Air Tours are often more expensive but are generally all-inclusive. Bahamas Air Tours offer one-day excursions from Miami that allow you to island hop by boat once you touch down at your destination thanks to the journey-time saved. Perfect Day At Cococay, Bahamas. A Miami Bahamas tour expands your world and allows you to experience another culture and the authentic Bahamas … Miami is undoubtedly a sparkling, vibrant, and cultural gem of America's Southern states and a fantastic holiday destination. Even the red carpet is rolled out for us as we board the plane by the small entry ladder at the rear of the aircraft. Take advantage of this private Miami tour and see the city's iconic Wynwood neighborhood starring outlandish, famous street art. It's on one of these islands that you'll encounter those swimming pigs, as they frolic in the shallow waters of Big Major Cay, also affectionately known as Pig Island. There is a Day Trip to Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale by Ferry but it’s a gruelling 3 hour crossing by water. From Miami to Staniel Cay is 1 hour and a half in total. Miami to Bahamas Day Trip by plane, is an amazing, truly unforgettable experience. These islands still have many remote and quiet corners, as well as land that is pretty much untouched (or at least not highly developed). The rocks inside the cave are less sharp than those on the outside, I guess because there is less wave action and erosion inside. Most Popular. Visit multiple islands in one day on this powerboat tour from Nassau, Bahamas—a great choice for first-time visitors and nature lovers. Thanks for your reply, Whilst the sharks here at Compass Cay are “pet sharks”, that means the locals have trained them but not quite domesticated them. It’s morning. The going rate for Balearia Caribbean ferry is about 99 dollars each way from Miami to Freeport and back. Meilleur prix garanti ! This is why Miami to Bahamas day trips are very on-trend. If you book a tour with Gray Line Miami, you’ll be picked up at your hotel and driven to Port Everglades at Fort Lauderdale. It’s not been pushy or a sense to go-go-go. Art plus beer equals a great combination, right? Just pop your passport in your bag, hang on to your American dollars, and jump on a boat or plane for a paradise escape. The most popular service offering one-day trips to Freeport is Balearia Caribbean. … The flight from Miami to Bahamas is broken down into 2 flight legs. Other local stories will have you make believe that they were left here on the Pig Beach by sailors many years ago but failed to return to collect them. Small tropical islands inhabit the turquoise blue of the Bahamas Sea. After this short tech stop, we board again and take a 45 minute flight from Andros to the Exumas. Destination Highlights. In a nutshell: Bahamas consists of many islands, some are … There are even alternatives for beach lovers wanting to avoid the beautiful yet often busy beaches of Grand Bahama, Nassau, and Paradise Island. 6:30pm: Arrive back in Florida, Your email address will not be published. Where as the Miami to Bahamas Day Trip by plane is a 5-star experience. Port of Miami (nicknamed "Cruise Capital of the World") is the largest cruise port in the world. Crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, fun in the sun and on the water, total relaxation. It’s also a bit or a labyrinth inside the cave especially with the underwater passageways and you can see how easy it would be to get lost and risk drowning! And if it's peace and quiet you're after, the FRS Caribbean ferry can bring you from Miami to the Out Island of Bimini in just two hours. Top 10 Best Nassau Excursions… So, a visit to the Sunshine State can also mean an idyllic getaway to tropical bliss. White sand beaches with swaying palms in the gentle warm breeze frame the picture perfect postcard view. (Don't worry, there is time for sand bars and cocktails too.) With wildlife in abundance both above and below the water, let me share with you this incredible adventure in a world with 50 shades of blue. Bringing proof of your return journey is also advised. It was rumoured that it got into difficulty when it was smuggling drugs from the Bahamas to Florida. The quieter, postcard-perfect sands of Rose Island and Gold Rock Beach aren't too far away to savor. This is a really unique stop on the Miami to Bahamas Day Tour. Inside the Thunderball Grotto cave its actually very light because of the large skylight in the roof above. We have a chase boat for safety. The Bahamas Sea is so shallow and clear that it retains the warmth of the sun’s rays to making swimming in the sea on a Miami to Bahamas Day Trip all the more perfect! On board, there is a café, duty-free shopping, bar (with signature cocktails), and WiFi. The good news is that you might not have to choose just one. Everyone is alive and well. Thanks The type of sharks at Compass Cay is called “Nurse Sharks”. Tras recogeros en vuestro hotel, os llevaremos hasta el Puerto de Fort Lauderdale, desde donde cogeréis el ferry con destino a las islas Bimini, que pertenecen a las A significant amount of the Bahamas' economy these days is based on tourism, which makes a lot of sense when you see what these islands have to offer visitors. As you can see, there are so many reasons why this is a favorite location. Bahamas Day Cruise from Miami with Transportation Included . And as soon as the pigs hear the roar of the boat engine, they’ll all get up and head down to the waters edge. from Miami. Do you want to read more similar stories? However, exploring them on a Bahamas shore excursion is the best way to experience these paradise islands. The Miami Day Trip to Bahamas departs and arrives back into Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. When you consider that trying to get to the Swimming Pigs from Miami would take at least 3 days, via Nassau; the Miami to Bahamas Day Tour is so appealing because you get to do all the main attractions there in a day, and return back to your hotel on south beach or wherever that may be. Sail to Grand Bahama with Gray Line Miami: Gray Line Miami is the sight seeing expert of the region. You'll find many companies that can take you on a Miami to the Bahamas day trip by boat, with the most popular destination port being Freeport, New Providence. And perhaps now with the likes of Instagram fuelling the desire to have a selfie-photo floating with sharks, it wasn’t long before the popularity of the Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay really took off! A thin line of vegetation surrounds the beach and rising cliffs. Profitez d'une excursion aux îles Bimini, un paradis carïbéen des Bahamas à 2h de Miami. 9:30am: Depart on Boat Excursion Do check, though, whether or not you have to pay for your own food and overnight accommodation (you usually do). With over 700 islands making up the Bahamas, it's good to find out what and where the hotspots are before booking a Miami to the Bahamas day trip. 1-2 nights & days adventure in Bimini. 8:00am: Bahamas Immigration on Andros Island Required fields are marked *. Les îles sont entourées par les récifs coralliens parmi les plus importants du monde (3ème barrière de corail au monde en longueur). In short, the Bahamas more or less have it all. Professional video/photographer. 7:00am: Flight departs It’s really important to get the correct tide and sea conditions to visit Thunderball safely on a Miami to Bahamas Day trip. Staniel Cay is a really small airport, inf act it’s really just an Airstrip. Les premières iles de cet oasis se trouvent à environ 80 kms des côtes de la Floride. Viator, for example, offer one-day trips to and from Freeport from around 160 dollars. In a nutshell: Bahamas consists of many islands, some are … 4:30pm: Boat excursion ends Farmers Cay is around 30 minutes due south of Staniel Cay, so it takes a while to get there and back. We’ve been flying across to the Bahamas for just over an hour when gazing out of the plane window my eyes are illuminated with a glimpse of paradise. Visiting the Exuma Pigs on a one day cruise to Bahamas surely must one of the top things to do in Miami? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. But that really adds to the sense of adventure that this Miami Day Trip brings to life in you. Most tours from Miami to the Bahamas allow for a lot of free time, often from about 11 am to 6 pm, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the white sand beaches. But this Day Trip adventure was different, for starters I wasn’t flying the plane this time! If you prefer a pool, most tours also offer day … Whether you want to lay on the beach with a book for hours or feel your heart beat faster, there is something for everyone in the Bahamas. The rich historical and cultural background of the Bahamas makes it an intriguing place to visit: Enthusiastic tourists are surrounded by the unique art, music, and cuisine that results from the islands' colorful past. Key West Tours depuis Miami. C'est possible et on vous dit comment ! As the Staniel Cay Tour boats from Nassau don’t venture this far south of Staniel Cay, its almost guaranteed that you’ll get the beach at Bitter Guana Cay all to yourselves. The first thing to note here is that the Turtles at Farmers Cay are not a guaranteed stop as part of the standard Miami to Bahamas Day Trip. Pour vous nous avons élaboré, en partenariat avec les guides locaux, des excursions innovantes vous permettant d’avoir un autre regard sur les Bahamas. Thank God. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau, which is situated on the island of New Providence, directly east of the Florida Keys. I’m at 11,000ft up. These package deals can be a great way to visit Green Turtle Cay, Manjack Cay (with its stingrays and sharks), and No Name Cay, all in one fantastic day! There are upsides to both, so you really can't go wrong. C'est possible et on vous dit comment ! It’s yet again another one of the unique attractions to be found in the waters of Staniel Cay that will make your Miami to Bahamas Day trip extra special! 58 … With a little planning, you can experience an entirely new country and culture in just one day of vacation time. Meilleur prix garanti ! Some tours … The dock at Farmers Cay is run by some locals and they prepare fresh conch here. 100000003101878921. This needs to be on your top list of day trips from Miami. The prices for the tours range from around 500 to 1,000 dollars. I’ve stayed in Miami and Southern Florida many times. So, gauge how active you and your group feel and how much you want to see before booking a Miami to Bahamas day trip. Explore the best Miami bus and boat tours with 305 Miami Tours. In fact, apparently they were on a practice run with bags of flour! The Bahamian Rock Iguanas are an endangered species of Bahamian Rock Iguana. At the end of the Miami to Bahamas boat excursion, it’s … Take a tour of the grounds of Atlantis Paradise Island and surrounding Nassau, Bahamas during your vacation. Dans cet article, je vous donne toutes les solutions pour aller aux Bahamas depuis Miami. That's why these one- or two-day trips are a hot new trend. A day trip to Bahamas from Miami is fast and convenient. You need your own jetski and you need to be experienced. Most tours from Miami to the Bahamas allow for a lot of free time, often from about 11 am to 6 pm, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the white sand beaches. I’m on their Miami to Bahamas Day Trip which visits the idyllic Staniel Cay Island in the Exuma Cays. The day started early, I had to be at check-in at their private airport lounge at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Et si vous passiez des moments de folie aux Bahamas lors d'une excursion d'une journée depuis Miami et la Floride ? At Shore Excursions Group, we offer the best Bahamas shore trips to destinations including Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas … you from Miami to Bimini and back. The tiny island of Paradise Island is considered part of Nassau.Nassau is located on the island of New Providence, just one of 500 islands that make up Grand Bahamas. You will head to Bimini Nord, the main island of the archipelago. But its not just turtles that I encountered on my visit to Farmers Cay. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Booking a Miami to the Bahamas day trip will bring an entirely new dimension to your vacation experience. There are 3 entrances to the cave. Shore excursions on the first and last day of a cruise are only available for guests who are combining back-to-back voyages to create a longer cruise. Nature lovers can enjoy trails through varied terrain - from jungles to caves - in wildlife reserves such as the Lucayan National Park. I took to the skies for this once in a lifetime opportunity with Bahamas Air Tours, the World’s first Bahamas Day Trips operator. If you have more time and would like to go further afield, The Carnival Cruise Line offers two- or three-day cruises to Nassau from both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The Pig Beach is located on an island called Big Major Cay, its more widely known as Pig Island. You need your own jetski and you need to be experienced. Ferry cruises are generally the more affordable option. … You can spend unforgettable hours in the relaxed, tropical atmosphere of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and return to the glitz of Miami by evening. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There are reports of a collapsed gear. It’s an amazing concept: a Bahamas Cruise from Miami by Plane. At the end of the Miami to Bahamas boat excursion, it’s around 4:30pm, and we are transferred back to the airport by golf cart. if you like our Facebook fanpage, you can read everyday such amazing stories. I was told a number of first hand accounts by locals of pesky tourists getting their fingers nibbled by these sharks, mainly because they decided to put their fingers in or close to their mouths; perhaps not the best of ideas! And did I mention the temperature of the water? We offer superb tours of Miami, but also some really good value day trips to the Bahamas. This makes Miami to the Bahamas day trips a breeze. Si vous prévoyez de n'y faire qu'un petit saut pendant votre séjour à Miami, obtez pour la solution la plus simple : l'excursion … Shop for Bahamas excursions to enjoy during your day in port. Other than an array of colorful local dialects, English is what visitors will hear spoken and will be able to comfortably communicate in. Two-day boat cruises with an overnight stay may also allow more time for you to make small boat excursions to nearby islands. It’s by far more budget orientated, but please read their trip advisor reviews, they are truly shocking! Miami, Florida. The island really has it going on. Or, if you are yearning to see the Out Islands, a ferry to Bimini can take only two hours. After we completed our immigration forms required for entry into the Bahamas we are led to the plane. Home to the world-famous Bahamas Swimming Pigs as well as the nurse sharks at Compass Cay, the James bond Thunderball Grotto and the endangered species of Bahamian Rock Iguanas. Ferries to Freeport from Miami need as little as 2.5 hours. Snorkelling to the Plane wreck at Staniel Cay on a Miami to Bahamas Day Trip Time to return from this unique trip to Bahamas. The national currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar (BSD), but US dollars and Bahamian dollars can be used interchangeably on the islands (their values are equal). The pilot and tour guide were very attentive to the needs of the group and the whole team at Bahamas Air Tours have great customer service. There was talk of a new Day Trip to Bahamas from Florida originating in Orlando which would be an exciting addition to the tour itineraries. I’m used to working around fully functioning aircraft, so it was slightly unusual to come across one sat on the bottom of the sea! No faff or long sea crossings as one would expect on a traditional once day cruise from Miami, but a quick 1 hour flight from Miami to Bahamas and we’re there. 1-Day Bahamas Tour from Miami Tour Code: 546-2834. From USD Price shown is based on the lowest price per person over the next 30 days $196 . Explore Little Havana and see first-hand the impact that Cuban culture has on Miami. (The price for food and drinks, however, is not covered.). Yes! Many years ago when Staniel Cay was a Farming community, the locals put the Pigs on Big Major Cay, away from the village to avoid the bad smells. Rubbing elbows with the cultural hotspots of Cuba, Florida, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, the fascinating tropical islands of the Bahamas have something unique to offer visitors. Mark. Nassau also sees the glittering parade of the vibrant Junkanoo festival happen three times a year. It didn’t detract from the experience and actually having more people there provided more entertainment with the various ingenious and slightly narcissistic selfie taking poses! The tour guides, who are local Bahamians, are excellent at explaining all the features of the Thunderball Grotto and potential dangers to be aware of. Day trip to Staniel Cay, the jewel in the crown of the Bahamas Islands. Bimini is an an archipelago of islands, the coastal destination the most rich in sealife in the Bahamas, ideal for snorkeling. Turquoise waters meet the blue of the sky on the horizons in every direction. This includes your air travel to and from Miami, entrance to all the attractions, boat excursions… Do make sure to book your Miami to Bahamas day trip in advance to avoid disappointment. Réputée pour ses … An archipelagic state, the Bahamas is famous for its tropical climate, excellent seafood, and some of the world's most gorgeous (and relatively untouched) beaches. The trips offered by Bahamas Air Tours are often more expensive but are generally all-inclusive. Itinerario. That’s what comes to mind when you think Bahamas. 100000003982574798. Miami to Bahamas Day Trip by plane, is an amazing, truly unforgettable experience. It’s about a 1 hour drive from South Beach or downtown Miami. Céline, Hi Celine Looking for What to do in Nassau Bahamas? Shop for Bahamas excursions to enjoy during your day in port. Ils en font LA destination prisée des amoureux de plongée et farnie… Miami to Bahamas Day Trip to Swimming Pigs Bahamas. Firstly a 1 hour flight from Miami to Bahamas with a stop on Andros Islands. There is no terminal building, its just an outdoor pavilion. This is by far the most scenic part of the whole Bahamas Day Trip. L’excursion comprend : – le transport aller/retour en bus de votre hôtel à Miami jusqu’au port de Fort Lauderdale (plus aucun bateau ne part du port de Miami pour les Bahamas). You don't necessarily have to choose one island to head to. Cable Beach - with its sand, luxury hotels, restaurants, and casinos - caters to tourists, although the city is rather calm in terms of nightlife. Bahamas Day Cruise from Miami with Transportation Included provided by Gray Line Miami Tours. Travel from Florida to Bahamas on one of our Staniel Cay day trips where we believe you get the most bang for your buck.. Our favorite day trip to Bahamas are Exuma excursions to the wild, remote region of the southern Bahamas. I saw your proposal for a Day trip from Miami to Bahamas. Drive over the MacArthur causeway past the private … It’s like getting into a warm bath. Grand Bahama is probably the most attractive island for tourists in general but especially for those wanting to make a quick excursion from Florida. 9:00am: Arrive at Staniel Cay The former, usually less expensive, lends itself to a laid-back but still colorful taste of Bahamian life. Water sports, including snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing to name a few, are popular choices of activity and easy to organize in Freeport, New Providence. 1:00pm: Lunch at the Yacht Club Bimini Day Cruise from Fort Lauderdale with Transportation 26 Zip over to the Bahamas for the day … American Airlines flight AA4194 from Miami, FL to Freeport, Bahamas suffered a runway excursion upon landing. That’s what comes to mind when you think Bahamas. Nassau, Bahamas. This will leave you with around six hours to enjoy the beaches, jungles, restaurants, shops, and casinos of Grand Bahama. Le prix de cette excursion au départ de Miami est à partir de 129,83€ (pour Bimini). Miami Tours to Florida. Miami to Bahamas Day Trip Day trip to Staniel Cay, the jewel in the crown of the Bahamas Islands. The sea is so clear, it looks as if the boat is hung in space, gliding across a magical surface. Hi, The Exuma Cays are an archipelago made up of around 360 islands. We see all the Staniel Cay attractions from the plane window, including a fly over of Thunderball Grotto and Pig Beach! Upon arrival at Freeport or Bimini, you will enjoy around 6 hours of free time to discover the Bahamas. Fascinating wildlife, both on land and in the waters and reefs, boast of the archipelago's healthy biodiversity. 2 photos. Some of the cruises, especially the two-day ones, often include some kind of meal in the price. Visites de Miami … Bimini is an an archipelago of islands, the coastal destination the most rich in sealife in the Bahamas, ideal for snorkeling. Les îles sont entourées par les récifs coralliens parmi les plus importants du monde (3ème barrière de corail au monde en longueur). Just 110 miles off the southern coast of Florida - a spring and a step away from the sunny, cosmopolitan city of Miami - is the Bahamas. Visit buzzing local markets, relax on endless beaches, try your hand at water sports or snorkeling, marvel at waterfalls and wildlife in the jungle, or swim with dolphins. It’s a four-hour … The National Geographic describes the Nurse Shark as mostly harmless to humans. All in all, travel to the Bahamas from Florida is very straightforward - another reason why these trips are becoming so popular! We’ve been given plenty of time on the boat excursion at each attraction to experience each unique place and get enough photos to crash the servers at Instagram. However, exploring them on a Bahamas shore excursion is the best way to experience these paradise islands.